The Motivation and Engagement Wheel is a practical multi-factor approach to student motivation and engagement.

The Wheel comprises:

Positive  Motivation: Self-belief, Valuing, Learning Focus
Positive Engagement: Planning, Task Management, Persistence
Negative Motivation: Anxiety, Failure Avoidance, Uncertain Control
Negative Engagement: Self-sabotage, Disengagement

The Wheel is the conceptual basis of:

The Motivation and Engagement Scale (Click Here), the online Student Motivation and Engagement Booster Program and PDF Student Motivation and Engagement Workbook (Click Here), and the Online Staff Trainer (Click Here)


To download a PDF of the Motivation and Engagement Wheel, Click Here

The Motivation and Engagement Wheel is more fully discussed in:
Martin, A.J. (2003). How to Motivate Your Child For School and Beyond. Sydney: Bantam
Martin, A.J. (2005). How to Help Your Child Fly Through Life: The 20 Big Issues. Sydney Bantam
Martin, A.J. (2010). Building Classroom Success: Eliminating Academic Fear and Failure. London: Continuum

Information about these books, Click Here

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