The Motivation and Engagement Wheel, developed by Dr Andrew Martin, is a practical multi-factor approach to student motivation and engagement.

The Wheel comprises:

Positive  Motivation: Self-belief, Valuing, Learning Focus
Positive Engagement: Planning, Task Management, Persistence
Negative Motivation: Anxiety, Failure Avoidance, Uncertain Control
Negative Engagement: Self-sabotage, Disengagement

The Wheel is the conceptual basis of:

The Motivation and Engagement Scale (Click Here), the Student Motivation and Engagement Booster Program (formerly, the 'Workbook'; Click Here), and the Online Staff Trainer (Click Here)


To download a PDF of the Motivation and Engagement Wheel, Click Here

The Motivation and Engagement Wheel is more fully discussed in:
Martin, A.J. (2003). How to Motivate Your Child For School and Beyond. Sydney: Bantam
Martin, A.J. (2005). How to Help Your Child Fly Through Life: The 20 Big Issues. Sydney Bantam
Martin, A.J. (2010). Building Classroom Success: Eliminating Academic Fear and Failure. London: Continuum

Information about these books, Click Here

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